ANAVAR 5 MG – pack of 30 tabs


Anavar is made up of Oxandrolone. Oxandrolone is part of
of these mild steroids that provide strength and drying with very few androgenic side effects.



Type: Oral
Pack: 30 tabs (5mg/tab)
Substance : Oxandrolone
Manufacturer: UK


Anavar is made up of oxandrolone. Oxandrolone is one of those mild steroids that provides strength and drying with very few androgenic side effects.

These qualities have made oxandrolone the darling of women who practice bodybuilding and fitness.

This molecule is also appreciated by many weightlifters.

Oxandrolone is considered to be one of the most effective anabolic steroids for gaining strength, and this is the main reason for its popularity among weightlifters.

Many anabolics also have the property of increasing the user's strength by increasing muscle volume through cumulative protein synthesis and water retention.

It is a mode of action, but that of oxandrolone is quite different. Instead of providing strength by bulking, oxandrolone optimizes the strength of already existing muscle mass by increasing the strength more than that achieved with many other anabolic steroids, but without any mass gain. Oxandrolone is therefore a tailor-made product for weightlifters, who are not interested in gaining volume and who are only looking for strength, while remaining in a certain weight category.

Despite the paradox that this seems to present, the properties of oxandrolone are just as suitable for women as for weightlifters. Indeed Anavar also has the property of causing at the same time a drying out by burning fat and muscle firming, which is highly sought after by women bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts.
But what makes oxandrolone the favorite product of these ladies is above all the almost total absence of androgenic side effects and therefore of virilization. It is therefore a lighter product, ideal for women because it is incapable of harming the metabolism and female hormonal cycles, when used at the usual doses.
As we have already suggested, oxandrolone is distinguished from most other anabolic steroids by the absence of virilizing side effects. Unlike other androgens, at normal doses it does not cause acne, clitoral enlargement or hoarseness in women, or baldness or other usual effects.

As oxandrolone does not cause water retention, there is no risk of edema with this product or high blood pressure. Moreover, oxandrolone has no harmful influence on the production of endogenous hormones inside the body: unlike many androgens, it does not deactivate the production of natural testosterone during the cycle, which avoids the possibility of an accident due to too low a testosterone level at the end of the cycle. Oxandrolone does not alter estrogen levels either, as it only aromatizes to estrogen very little and therefore cannot cause gynecomastia in men or estrogen cycle disorders in women.

The only undesirable androgenic effects that are observed after using oxandrolone are nausea which can go as far as vomiting and some diarrhea, which many users accept when considering what such a product can bring. However, it only exists in tablets which, like many others, are alpha-alkylated 17. Those who know a little about this type of tablet will know that it is a species that is extremely harmful to the liver, which in extreme cases can cause liver damage that can lead to liver cancer.

The use of 17 alpha-alkylated tablets is very serious and users take the precaution of not extending an Anavar cycle for more than a month, at the most, and in reasonable doses.

The usual doses of use are 10 to 40 mg per day in men and 10 to 20 mg in women, over a period not exceeding one month due to liver toxicity.

Given the lack of mass gain provided by oxandrolone, bodybuilders compensate for this lack by combining it with stronger anabolics such as the Anavar + testosterone enanthate or Deca or Dianabol stack. This stack produces a drier and denser mass gain, with relatively little water retention. Weightlifters, on the other hand, prefer the “pure strength” Anavar + Halotestin stack which, as its name suggests, causes a spectacular gain in strength, accompanied by muscle densification.

Anavar is the older form of oxandrolone, which is no longer manufactured today. It is now manufactured simply under the name of Oxandrolone, most often in 2.5 mg tablets, in several countries and in particular in Italy.

Data sheet: Anavar.
Molecule: oxandrolone.
Route: oral.
Category: androgen.
Positive effects: significant gain in strength, muscle drying.
Negative effects: liver toxicity.
Dose: 25 mg/day for men – 15 mg/day for women.


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